On-site disinfecting solutions.


Industry-leading MicroCloud™ services, utilizing ACTICARE products, bring fast and effective disinfecting of large volume areas through micro-droplet vapor application that gets to even the most hard to reach areas. A full service and onsite option.


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On-site MicroCloud™ sanitizing service

Protection done right—every time—with no hassle

Create safe and effective workplaces, no matter where!

Ashburn Chemical Technologies, in partnership with Fluid Service Technologies, offers 360° environmental protection to keep your facilities, workspaces and people safe and effective. FST provides innovative industrial cleaning and sanitization services to both large and small facilities in a variety of industries. Consistent environment sanitizing minimizes risk and helps facilities run smoothly while helping keep employees safe and happy.


The MicroCloud™ Technology uses an evaporative sanitizing process to quickly and safely deliver industry-leading EPA approved disinfectants to even the most complex areas.

The process allows for rapid dispersion that ensures that the most distant areas are reached effectively.


  • Controlled and consistently accurate droplet size (Less than 10 microns)
  • Minimizes risk of condensation
  • Does not wet surfaces
  • Ensures penetration into inaccessible areas


Typically, the entire sanitization process can be completed in less than a day, depending upon building size and ventilation system efficiency, compared to up to three to five days with some conventional systems.

  • Minor preconditioning of the room is required
  • No need for additional fans for coverage
  • No long aeration processes
  • Certified evaporative sanitizing process

MicroCloud™ Technology results in substantially lower production downtime.



Ashburn can provide these services on-site within 48 hours in most cases and can conduct our services around your off hours and weekends.

This minimizes the downtime of operations so you can get back on track!

Protect your facilities, people, and environments with FST’s MicroCloud cleaning and sanitizing system

FST’s MicroCloud system provides you with innovative industrial sanitization equipment designed to rapidly disinfect office buildings, schools, warehouses and vehicles including; cars, buses, trains, airplanes and many other areas. The MicroCloud system is economically designed to provide you with your own in-house service on demand.

MicroCloud Equipment Package Includes:

  • Fully equipped mobile unit, ergonomically designed with MicroCloud™ Technology
  • Online training and certification of your straff through FST University
  • Five gallons of EPA registered Non-Acid Disinfectant chemical covers up to 50,000 sq. ft. 
  • PPE supplies (10 KN95 masks, three coveralls, 100 gloves, one pair of goggles)
  • 90-day equipment warranty

Watch and download MicroCloud™ brochure

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Ashburn Chemical Technologies offers a safe and effective way to evaluate MicroCloud™ for your specific disinfecting and sanitizing need. Why not sign up now? It’s free, with no obligation.

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