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Innovative products and solutions for the industrial and institutional industry designed to protect people and facilities

Perfrox food contact safe sanitizer disinfectant


Ashburn’s ACTICARE™  line of disinfectants and sanitizers are effective against the spread infectious diseases. This line offers a full 360° of protection with disinfectants for a variety of applications.

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Ashburn offers a full line hand and body care product line including hand soaps, pumps, and a range of wall mount dispensers or free-standing touchless dispenser stations.

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Ashburn Floor Cleaner


Ashburn delivers total floor care solutions from finish to strippers, cleaners to spotters; hard floor, wood floor and carpet care lines are complemented by a full line of equipment.

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Ashburn Furniture Polish


Ashburn’s ACTICARE™ line of specialty cleaners are effective in keeping your furniture, surfaces, dishes and clothing clean and looking great. And, with our insecticide products you keep the bugs out.

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Protecting people and facilities for over 50 years

FACILITYCARE360™ is a robust facility care program consisting of a carefully curated set of products and solutions designed to keep your facility clean and safe for your most valuable resources. Through innovative chemistry, best-in-class customer support programs, and an expansive distribution network, FACILITYCARE360™ is designed to help Ashburn customer GO BEYOND by protecting their facilities, productivity, and people.

Through Ashburn’s ACTICARE™ product line, Ashburn carries out the FACILITYCARE360™ promise to protect people and facilities through innovative and trusted hard surface, hand and body care, floor care and specialty products.

Equipment and services designed to compliment ACTICARE™’s product performance.

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Sanitization Equipment

Ashburn’s product application equipment is designed not only to work with, but also compliment the performance of the ACTICARE™ product line. With the help of  a very carefully curated line of wall mount and free standing dispensers, ultra-low volume (ULV) disinfectant atomizers, and pumps-  Ashburn is able to provide 360° of people and facility protection.

FSt Sanitization Services

Sanitization Services

 Ashburn Chemical Technologies, in partnership with Fluid Service Technologies, offers 360° environmental protection to keep your facilities, workspaces and people safe and effective. FST provides innovative industrial cleaning and sanitization services to both large and small facilities in a variety of industries. Consistent environment sanitizing minimizes risk and helps facilities run smoothly while helping keep employees safe and happy.

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