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Industry-leading ACTICAREhand, body and hair care products that clean and disinfect for greater personal safety and performance.

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Hand and Body Soaps

A range of hand and body soaps and shampoos that gently and completely clean, even in the harshest conditions.



A full range of dispensing choices that makes cleanliness easy. Wall mount, free-standing floor, pump and sprayer options.

Keeping  people safe from harmful bacteria, virus and disease

At Ashburn Chemical Technologies, Community is one of our core values. In order to GO BEYOND and better serve our community, we offer a full line of pumps and a range of wall mount dispensers and free-standing touchless dispenser stations.

Ashburn’s hand and body care products are excellent options for keeping your hands and body clean throughout the day.

ACTICARE hand and body care options

PEARLIZED LOTION HAND CLEANER is made from biobased surfactants and advanced synthetic detergents. The rich, luxurious lather leaves hands soft and smooth, yet removes grease and grime from the dirtiest hands! Pleasant cherry fragrance.

• Conditions while cleaning
• Removes grease, grime, oil and ink
• Contains biobased surfactants
• Leaves skin soft
• Pleasant cherry fragrance

Available in a 1 Gallon size.

Item Number Description Cast Quantity
M-05091 Pearlized Lotion Hand Cleaner (One Gallon) 4/Case

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HAND CLEANER WITH GRIT  is a concentrated hand cleaner that conditions hands while cleaning with a gentle scrubbing action. Uses ground walnut shells as an alternative to pumice. Removes grease, grime, oil, tar, ink, paint, moly, asphalt, carbon, putty, adhesives, and other soils. Leaves hands smooth and smelling fresh.

Part Number Description Case Quantity
M-05061 Hand Cleaner with Grit (One Gallon) 4/Case

Comes in a 4.5 lb size.

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ASHBURN HAIR AND BODY SOAP is a versatile produce that is pH balanced to gently clean the entire body, while moisturizing skin and conditioning hair. A refreshing neutral scent for a pleasant washing experience.

Part Number Description Case Quantity
M-05081 Hair and Body Soap (One Gallon) 4/Case

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