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Ashburn Chemical has spent the past five decades providing fluid solutions to manufacturers in the oil and gas industry that produce equipment including drilling tools, drill pipe, wellheads, pumps, seals, valves, flanges and Oil Country Tubular Goods “OCTG” as well as other critical components such as BOPs.

Ashburn has the expertise and products to provide the optimal fluid solution for the most demanding operations in this industry. From deep hole drilling and pipe threading to precision machining of valve components, Ashburn has the products to increase productivity in your operation.

  • Cutting Fluids
  • Degreasers
  • Pipe Coatings
  • Hydro-Static Testing Fluids


The power generation industry uses machinery, equipment and components manufactured for fossil fuel, hydroelectric, wind, solar, and nuclear power generating facilities. Ashburn has the metalworking fluids needed in the machining processes used to manufacture generators, turbines and related parts.


Remanufacturing operations involve the return of used or end-of-life “core” components to undergo a manufacturing process that produces products that meet or exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. Remanufactured cores include engines, transmissions, drivetrains and related components that are fully disassembled, cleaned and inspected before moving into manufacturing processes and final assembly. 

The cleaning process is a critical step in remanufacturing. Ashburn has the expertise and industry-leading chemistries that provide remanufacturers with cleaning solutions to improve productivity and reduce costs.

  • Increased Throughput
  • Reduced Cleaning Time
  • Cleaner & Brighter Parts
  • Extended Bath Life
  • Reduced Disposal Costs
  • Standard & Custom Formulas

Remanufacturing also includes machining and grinding of some parts to specific tolerances. Ashburn provides remanufacturers with cutting fluids designed to improve part finish, extend tool life and improve productivity.


Of all industries, the vast automotive industry has the largest need for metalworking fluids, industrial degreasers and rust preventatives. Ashburn Chemical produces the fluid solutions needed to lower costs and improve productivity in the manufacturing of automotive parts and components including engine blocks and heads, transmissions and drive train components, steering components, braking system parts, bearings and wheels.

Ashburn has the products to provide the optimal fluid solution for the high production and precision machining needs of automotive parts manufacturers. From milling cylinder heads to grinding bearing races to turning wheels, Ashburn has the products to optimize productivity.


Ashburn has reliably served the transportation sector for decades. Ashburn provides fluid solutions to manufacture a wide range of equipment and components including freight diesel engines, tower cranes, train wheels, and much more. The transportation industry has a high demand on machined parts and components. Ashburn’s solutions offer increased reliability and efficiency in your machining process to reduce downtime in high demand operations.

Remanufacturing engines for the transportation industry is just one example of industry innovation for increased sustainability. “Green Technology” is an integral part of our product development. Ashburn is proud to provide safe, renewable, and effective cleaning solutions that are critical in engine manufacturing and remanufacturing processes.


Aerospace and defense equipment manufacturing requires the detailed machining of heavy duty ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as titanium, aircraft grade aluminum, and exotic alloys. Ashburn provides optimal fluid solutions for high-precision, heavy duty machining processes for aerospace applications. Our metalworking fluids ensure high performance, process optimization, and cost savings. Our metalworking fluid solutions lower operational costs by extending the sump life, improving tool life, and increasing overall productivity.

In addition to our metalworking fluids used to manufacture aerospace equipment, we provide maintenance solutions used for aviation parts cleaning and maintenance. We provide a wide range of water based and solvent based cleaners and degreasers depending on your operation’s specific needs.

Aerospace equipment is regularly exposed to elements that can catalyze corrosion which can lead to expensive repairs, equipment failure, and unsafe operating conditions. Ashburn’s products provide reliable protection for parts that are in regular use or storage and shipping. These solutions include water-based, solvent-based, and oil-based formulas for short-term or long-term protection.


Manufacturing equipment for the construction and heavy equipment industry requires large scale and heavy duty machinery and materials. Ashburn provides metalworking fluids that provide excellent lubricity in a wide range of heavy-duty applications. Our heavy-duty fluids provide the necessary lubricity, corrosion inhibitors, and performance needed for the manufacturing of components for bulldozers, tower cranes, loaders, and other large scale heavy equipment.

As equipment manufacturing grows more automated and complex, ensuring higher efficiency and reducing downtime is critical to keeping operations flowing smoothly and keeping costs low. Using the optimal metalworking fluids and good maintenance practices reduces the likelihood of unnecessary machine downtime for maintenance. Our metalworking fluids are chemically designed to resist bacteria and fungus and have superior tramp oil rejection to provide a longer, worry free coolant sump life. Our fluids provide excellent lubricity and leave a residue on machine tool parts to greatly extend tool life and provide corrosion protection.

Aside from manufacturing, we also provide safe and highly efficient cleaners and degreasers for the construction and heavy equipment industry. We provide versatile, heavy duty, all purpose cleaners for pressure washing, parts washing, or adhesive removal. We also provide optimal specialized solutions for specific operations such as remanufacturing, high pressure and temperature parts washers, machine cleaning, as well as custom solutions.


Metal Cutting

Protect production and product quality with advanced coolants, metal forming fluids, straight cutting oils, and tapping and drilling fluids that meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

Metal Cleaning

Optimizing cleaning and degreasing of parts, machine tools, equipment and facilities with innovative and proven water-based, solvent-based, biodegradable and synthetic cleaners and degreasers.

Metal Protection

Preserve metal product value by protecting from the inevitable effects of corrosion. Go beyond ordinary metal protecting solutions and deliver superior products and customer experiences.

Maintenance Services

Services that keep your fluids, equipment, tooling and facilities performing at their best. From simple fluid testing and management through to equipment maintenance and rehabilitation.

Hand & Body Care Solutions

Keeping people safe through lotions and soaps that leave you feeling clean and fresh.

Hard Surface Cleaners

Disinfectants and cleaners that keep surfaces in offices, warehouses, shops, homes and vehicles from bacteria, germs and viruses.

Floor Care Solutions

Products that strip, clean and finish hard floor surfaces to keep your facilities safe and looking their best.

Specialty Cleaning & Deodorizing

Just the right products for polishing, deodorizing, cleaning laundry and eliminating pesky insects.

Application Equipment

A full range of MicroCloud™ product options and dispensers, pumps and sprayers that make sanitization easy and accessible.

Sanitization Services

On-site facility and vehicle disinfecting services that take the hassle out of keeping people and facilities safe.

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