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Industry-leading solutions and products to cut, clean and protect metalworking production, product quality and overall customer value. Designed around your product or remanufacturing needs.


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FLUID360Solutions and Products

Metalworking Industry

Metal Cutting

Protect production and product quality with advanced coolants, metal forming fluids, straight cutting oils, and tapping and drilling fluids that meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

Metal Cleaning

Optimizing cleaning and degreasing of parts, machine tools, equipment and facilities with innovative and proven water-based, solvent-based, biodegradable and synthetic cleaners and degreasers.

Metal Protection

Preserve metal product value by protecting from the inevitable effects of corrosion. Go beyond ordinary metal protecting solutions and deliver superior products and customer experiences.

Maintenance Services

Services that keep your fluids, equipment, tooling and facilities performing at their best. From simple fluid testing and management through to equipment maintenance and rehabilitation.

Keep your metalworking shop performing

FLUID360™ Solutions bring unprecedented ability to protect and grow production output and quality while lowering cost. Through our innovative and industry-leading:

1. Cutting Solutions: coolants, forming fluids, cutting oils, tap and drilling fluids and micro-lubricants

2. Cleaning Solutions: machine tool sump cleaners, industrial cleaners and degreasers, remanufacturing cleaners and degreasers and specialty cleaning products

3. Protection Solutions: rust preventatives, penetrating oils and lubricants

4. Maintenance Services: keeping fluids, machine tools and facilities functioning at their best





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