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One of the most common reason for coolant problems is concentration. Concentrations that are too strong can lead to skin irritation, foaming, residue, and increased costs. Concentrations that are too low can cause rancidity/foul odor, rusting, poor tool life, and more. Measuring your coolant concentration regularly can help you take control of your production to protect performance, profitability, and your operators working conditions. The concentration of a coolant is usually determined in the field with a handheld refractometer. 

Coolant Rancidity: What causes it, how to treat it, and how to prevent it.

Every machinist loves the unpleasant, lingering smell of rotten eggs, locker rooms, and sweaty workout clothes, right? Wrong. This is typically what rancid coolant sumps smell like, and it’s one of the most common reasons for operator dissatisfaction in machine shops.

Three easy tips to improve the life and performanc of your metalworking fluids.

Fluid management can be time consuming work, but it’s a critical preventative maintenance practice. Lack of fluid maintenance can quickly lead to operator dissatisfaction due to rancidity, skin irritation, increased coolant usage and costs, and severe production inefficiencies.

How does water quality effect your metalworking fluid performance?

Since water makes up anywhere between 80-95% of a metalworking fluid mix, water quality is a critical factor in metalworking fluid performance. Through Ashburn’s expertise and industry leading chemistry, we are able to effectively protect your production, products, and productivity.

Why do metalworking fluid excessively foam?

 Coolant foaming can be a frustrating and costly problem. The presence of foam can be an indicator to many serious sump and machining problems. Ashburn can help you learn how to identify the root cause and treat it. 

Ashburn Reman Solutions

Ashburn has the expertise and industry-leading chemistries to provide remanufacturers with solutions to improve productivity and reduce costs. Ashburn has developed its reman product line in coordination with leading remanufacturers to ensure optimal performance.

ZAP Rust Remover 

A safe and powerful rust and oxidation remover. Quickly removes rust and corrosion from steel, cast iron and other ferrous metals. Does not harm nonferrous metals such as aluminum, copper or brass and is also safe on rubber and plastics.


Why should you use a neutral floor cleaner?

Commercial cleaning products can have widely varying PH levels. Cleaning solutions that have a PH between zero to six are considered acidic. Acidic cleaners, such as vinegar and toilet bowl cleaners, are great for removing hard water deposits, rust stains, soap films and other mineral deposits. Cleaning solutions that fall between eight and 14 on the PH scale are considered alkaline or basic. Alkaline cleaners, such as bleach and oven cleaner, are great for dissolving grease, oils, and other deposits that are protein based. So when it comes to floor cleaning, why do most prefer to use neutral floor cleaners? Julie Bodine, Ashburn’s VP of Marketing, explains three great reasons why you should be using a neutral floor cleaner.

Four great ways to improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.

What should you know before you start cleaning? Learn about four conditions that can dramatically effect your cleaning process: Contact time, mechanical action, chemical concentration, and temperature.


 FACILITYCARE360™ Solutions can help protect your environment with the highest quality cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing products. Ashburn’s ACTICARE™ product lines deliver innovative cleaning products and performance you can depend on. 

Ashburn touchless hand sanitizer dispenser

See Ashburns touchless automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in action. Available for liquid or gel hand sanitizer. The contactless system provides excellent coverage allowing for quick and easy hand sanitizing. Large capacity (1,000 ml) reservoir. Perfect for daily use in workplace settings, universities, schools, stadiums, auditoriums, theaters, hospitals or other public places.

MicroCloud Lite™ Disinfectant Atomizer

MicroCloud™ Lite is the industry’s best solution for quickly and effectively sanitizing any surface or area. This portable, handheld, ultra-low volume (ULV) unit is designed for convenient disinfecting, allowing you to spray target surfaces more thoroughly than other cleaning practices.