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Industry-leading coolants and metalworking fluids that cut, clean and protect metalworking production, product quality and overall customer value. Designed around your product or remanufacturing requirements.


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Metal Cutting

Protect production and product quality with advanced coolants, metal forming fluids, straight cutting oils, and tapping and drilling fluids that meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

Metal Cleaning

Optimizing cleaning and degreasing of parts, machine tools, equipment and facilities with innovative and proven water-based, solvent-based, biodegradable and synthetic cleaners and degreasers.

Metal Protection

Preserve metal product value by protecting from the inevitable effects of corrosion. Go beyond ordinary metal protecting solutions and deliver superior products and customer experiences.

Maintenance Services

Services that keep your fluids, equipment, tooling and facilities performing at their best. From simple fluid testing and management through to equipment maintenance and rehabilitation.

Metal cutting product category options

Metalworking Coolants

Coolants are water soluble fluids designed to provide cooling and lubrication during metalworking operations. The use of coolant extends cutting tool life, improves part finish and tolerance, and improves productivity. Coolants are generally grouped into three major categories: soluble oils, semi-synthetics, and synthetics. Ashburn’s APEX line of coolants utilizes the latest technologies to develop leading-edge products. APEX products are developed to provide the highest level of performance and operator safety at an optimal operating cost.

In this product line are:

  • Soluble Oils
  • Semi-Synthetics
  • Synthetics
  • Specialty

Coolant Additives and Maintenance Equipment

Coolant additives are not usually needed when Ashburn coolants are properly maintained and operating in a good environment. However, there are situations where a coolant is allowed to sit stagnant or operate in a poor environment for extended periods of time. In these situations it may be necessary to use additives to bring the coolant back to the correct specifications.

Coolant maintenance equipment is necessary to ensure that your coolant continues to perform optimally. Correctly mixing the coolant, maintaining the concentration, and keeping the coolant free of contaminants are the basic necessities of proper coolant maintenance.

Metal Forming Fluids

Metal forming fluids are used to provide lubrication and cooling in metal bending, stretching and shaping operations. These fluids are generally referred to as Drawing and Stamping Fluids.

Straight Cutting Oils

Straight Oils, also referred to as neat oils, are petroleum or vegetable based oils that do not contain water. They are used as is or “straight” without being diluted. Straight oils are used in metalworking applications where lubricity is more critical than heat reduction.

Tapping and Drilling Fluids

Tapping and Drilling Fluids are designed primarily for manually applied applications on metals that are difficult to machine. The Ashburn line of Mike-O-Cut fluids and TD Foamy Aerosol comprise a full line of fluids for all tapping and drilling operations.


Ashburn’s Mike-O-Lube cutting fluids are designed for use with micro-lubricant applicators. These non-misting applicators dispense individual droplets of fluid directly to the cutting tool. Mike-O-Lube cutting fluids are a clean and economical alternative to misting and flooding in applications such as drilling, tapping and sawing.

Layout Ink Removers

Layout Inks provide a smooth, dark, non-glare coating to metal surfaces for creating highly visible, precision scribe lines and cutting surfaces. The inks are easily removed with Ashburn Layout Ink remover. These fluids are excellent for tool and die makers, pattern makers, sheet metal shops, gear alignment and production layout.

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