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Commercial cleaning products can have widely varying PH levels. Cleaning solutions that have a PH between zero to six are considered acidic. Acidic cleaners, such as vinegar and toilet bowl cleaners, are great for removing hard water deposits, rust stains, soap films and other mineral deposits. Cleaning solutions that fall between eight and 14 on the PH scale are considered alkaline or basic. Alkaline cleaners, such as bleach and oven cleaner, are great for dissolving grease, oils, and other deposits that are protein based.

So when it comes to floor cleaning, why do most prefer to use neutral floor cleaners? There are three main reasons:

They leave behind little to no residue

Neutral floor cleaners are easy to rinse off surfaces and leave behind little to no residue, where other cleaners might leave your floors sticky or slippery.

    They are safe on most surfaces

    Neutral floor cleaners will not harm any surface not harmed by water. You can have peace of mind using neutral PH floor cleaners, knowing they won’t damage any hard or soft surfaces they come in contact with. High or low PH floor cleaners might damage or stain surfaces where the cleaner wasn’t intended.

    They are safe for people

    Neutral cleaners will not harm people. High and low PH cleaners often cause skin irritation. Neutral PH is very close to the PH on skin, so they are very unlikely to cause skin irritation.


    They are safe on floor finishes

    Floor finish will break down when using high PH cleaners. The higher the pH, the faster the breakdown. That is why most floor strippers are high pH products. Using neutral pH cleaners will not impact floor finish in any way, even if you use it straight.


    Neutral floor cleaners are effective and easy to use.

    Neutral floor cleaners like Ashburn’s Neuclean Lemon are an great and easy choice for general purpose cleaning and regular floor maintenance. Neuclean lemon is a formulated to cut through grease, grimes and soils without harming surfaces.


    If you’re looking for a daily floor cleaner that’s safe and effective, neutral PH cleaners are the way to go. Neutral floor cleaners like Ashburn NeuClean Lemon are safe to use for regular, day to day cleaning on hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, and laminate floors.

    Not sure which floor cleaner is best fit for your application? we’re here to help. Contact your Ashburn facility care specialist for expert recommendations based on your specific application.

    NeuClean Lemon Floor Cleaner. Neutral floor cleaner for daily floor cleaning

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