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Apex 7700EP Outperforms Major Competitors

January 2020

When precision machine shop in Texas looked for a semi-synthetic coolant, it conducted an evaluation of options. Their requirement was to achieve the surface finish  and tight tolerances required by their customer.


A precision machine shop in Texas was looking for a premium, clean-running semi-synthetic coolant that would help achieve the surface finish required by their customer. The part is machined for a major oilfield services company and requires very tight tolerances.

  • Part Machined: Oilfield Specialty Part
  • Material: 4340 High Tensile Strength
  • Hardness: 36-42 Rc
  • Coolant Concentration: 5%


Ashburn 7700EP was recommended due to its excellent performance.


APEX 7700EP outperformed the competition in overall tool life, surface finish, and cleanliness.The test results provided by the customer show that one competitor had almost equal performance in tool life and the same results for cycle time and rust protection. However, the 7700EP provided better surface finish and cleanliness than the competition.



Measurement APEX 7700EP Competitor A Competitor B
Tool Life
CNMG Insert-Facing 14 Parts Average 13 Parts Average 14 Parts Average
DNMG Insert-Roughing 18 Parts Average 15 Parts Average 16 Parts Average
VNMG Insert-Finish 5 Parts Average 4 Parts Average 5 Parts Average
Cycle Time  12 mins  14 mins  12 mins
In-Process Rust  None Some None
Surface Finish  Very Good Chatter/Poor Finish  Good
Cleanliness  Minimal Clean Up High Sludge High Sludge

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