Ashburn Chemical Technologies Launches Mission Zero Initiative.



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Ashburn Chemical Technologies Launches Mission Zero Safety Initiative

June 2021


Press Contact:
Julie Bodine
Vice President, Marketing
P 832.399.1000

Ashburn Chemical Technologies Launches Mission Zero Safety Initiative

Ashburn’s Mission Zero program puts operational safety at the forefront, prioritizing safe practices and safety education, while striving to achieve zero injuries, accidents, and defects.

HOUSTON, TX. – Ashburn Chemical Technologies, the only supplier of FLUID360and FACILITYCARE360™ solutions what works with a passion to GO BEYOND and protect people, process, and production, has launched Mission Zero, a safety initiative recommitting themselves to the pursuit of zero injuries, accidents and defects.

Mission Zero represents the dedication of Ashburn employees to safe practices on site and in the field. It is a combination of educating employees on proper habits and working together to monitor the actions of those around them. Early hazard identification and vocalization are key where accident prevention is concerned and that begins with an investment in Mission Zero.

Ashburn launched this initiative with an on-site event, uniting all departments under the promise of safety and accountability. Lunch was served as the President, Eric Heinle, spoke on some of the implications of the initiative. “Our goal with this Mission Zero initiative is to create a culture that strives to achieve zero injuries, zero defects and zero accidents,” Heinle said. “We want to be intentional about the safety of our employees, visitors and our environment, while also creating a proactive approach to our quality processes and systems. A historically clean track record should not prevent us from actively searching for ways to improve our protocols. We can always be better!”

At the conclusion of the event, employees lined up to sign the Mission Zero banner as a symbol of their dedication to safety at Ashburn. Mission Zero banners will be displayed on the walls of various buildings will serve as a constant reminder for employees to keep safety at the epicenter of all operations.

By creating a safe work environment, Ashburn is guaranteeing the continuation of their stellar production and performance into the future. In addition, the unification of employees by their dedication to safety will work to improve internal culture and comradery. Customers, vendors and other facility visitors can walk the grounds with the confidence that they are protected, and their safety is of the upmost importance to all Ashburn employees. Without any safety violations and/or incidents, Ashburn will continue to deliver speedy order fulfillment and product testing for noteworthy customer satisfaction. Stakeholders can rest easy knowing that facilities are being maintained inspection ready and employees are consistently partaking in safe practices.

For Ashburn, this launch is only the first step in a long progression of safety awareness that will culminate in every department and make them an example for other industry leaders on the topic of safety.


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